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What We Offer

A new approach to education.

EDUCAN International Learning Centre

Our aim is to develop students' knowledge, autonomy and responsibility based on their objectives, desire and pace. This is accomplished through personalised learning, with small groups, focusing on their needs, and caring for their understanding of the world and themselves.

Morning Classes

@ EDUCAN International Learning Centre, we develop and cover each year group's curriculum Core Subjects during the first hours of the day (9:00am to 1:00pm). With an innovative concept to teaching the British Curriculum, we aim for a more ‘hands-on’ approach to learning, which empowers students with real-life strategies. Moreover, classes only in the mornings allow flexibility for families and students, who can enjoy our Club activities in the afternoons or simply have free or family time.

Study Group
Experimenting in Lab


@ EDUCAN International Learning Centre, clubs are catered to develop Foundation Subjects but primarily to enhance students' creativity and life-perspective, with the aim of developing their personalities towards becoming positive members of our community. In every club, significant and relevant content is relayed to their needs and preferences. These clubs are open to internal and external students. The club times are in the afternoons, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Pupils can choose from an array of options: Portuguese, Dutch, Mandarin, Homework Club, Mindfulness, Emotional Development, Science Experiments, Art, French, Russian, Cooking, Engineering, Computing and Physical Education.


@ EDUCAN International Learning Centre, tutoring aims to provide quality support for all students: internal and external. This support is provided by experienced qualified teachers, who will go the "extra mile" for each and every one of our students.

@Educan: Activities
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