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Health and Safety

At Educan, Algarve, the health and safety of pupils, staff, parents and visitors is vital to an excellent learning environment. We shall ensure to following strict rules and regulations in order to keep our Learning Centre as safe as humanly possible.

Keeping your child safe means:

  • To be positive that the adults who work here have undergone safety and security checks

  • Protecting youngsters from deliberate harm

  • Being an anti-bullying Learning Centre

  • Being proactive against racist behaviour

  • Being proactive against the internalisation of any sort of extreme ideology

  • Protecting our children from harassment and discrimination

  • Being positive in regard to behaviour management 

  • Meeting the requirements of youngsters with medical conditions

  • Providing first aid

  • Protecting youngsters from drug and abuse

  • Ensuring children enjoy safe academic visits

  • Caring for children’s personal desires

  • Keeping children safe when using the internet and making sure they are aware of cyber bullying​

  • Ensuring the safety and security of our faculty and pupils

You can find our policy on Health and Safety on the policies' page.

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