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Do you think it's funny?

Laughing is one of the best things we can experience. Who doesn't like to have a great laughing session where your belly hurts after it? Do you remember your last time?

At Educan, we believe laughing should be present in every lesson: maybe a teacher told a joke or a pupil simply started giggling. Laughing doesn't really need something logical to start; it only requires one memory or one event/situation that was pleasing for a person... and this could be contagious. It is proven that a socially well-established environment and a sense of pleasure and happiness when we are doing a task, make us perform it with more quality and with a higher achieving rate. This is key to success!

Please have a look at this video about laughter (removed from TEDed):

In our Learning Centre, this topic alone could be a series of lessons led by students using our inquiry-based learning. Some examples: in Science, the students could prepare a project on our respiratory system; in languages (e.g. English, Portuguese), children could create stories or comics using laughing as a topic; in History and Geography, pupils could research how cultures see laughter (what could cause laughter in some, could be seen as an afront for others); etc...

Concluding this topic, laughing is something key for our lives, in every single thing we do. We really hope you laugh every single day. Have you done it already?

Many thanks,


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