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"The road to success is under construction."

Would this be a perfect background for a lesson?

What if the background was the Loulé Castle? Well that is exactly what will happen at Educan, Algarve. As we are located within the city centre, we will be able to have lessons in so many different settings: the park, the library, Loulé market or even the castle.

Educan is committed to give its pupils the most varied lessons possible, to make sure children feel what it is to be part of the Portuguese culture, while learning.

"The road to success is always under construction."

As you may know by now, we are an I.B. Learning Centre opening soon for our Afternoon Clubs and Tutoring (Morning Schooling opening in September) which uses an Inquiry Based Learning approach. We are proud to centre the learning on the pupils, not on teachers, and work with small groups of children. Children will work in a very independent way, individually or in small groups, therefore enhancing their autonomy, responsibility and confidence.

We will have Morning Schooling and many club options in the afternoon:

Our Morning Schooling option focuses mainly on Core subjects, whilst our Afternoon Clubs are more directed to Foundation subjects, including other activities to choose from. This allow parents and children to choose what they want to learn, giving them full control over their curriculum. This empowers families with the freedom to have a timetable suited to their needs and preferences.

This project focuses on the British Curriculum and its primary language will be English, although Portuguese will have huge emphasis, as we are a bilingual project.

Hope to see you soon at our Campus.

Many thanks,

Educan Team

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