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Transition Support

Helping a Student

Moving into a new setting is a time of great excitement and new beginnings for the student and their parents, meeting new teachers and making new friends.  

Transitioning from one place to another can be unsettling for a student, as they adjust to new routines, new individuals, new approaches to learning, and new languages.  Positive transitions enable students to develop, grow and make the most of their education at Educan.

Educan will organise the support your child will need for their development and learning. We shall work together on an ongoing basis, in order to identify adjustments that the centre needs to make, so that your child can participate effectively throughout the day.

Children who experience “separation anxiety” become upset when separated from family members, such as at morning school drop off.  Should this situation occur, the teachers at Educan will work together with you, and find suitable and positive solutions for your child.

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